Our Featherbrooke School opened in 2008, following on from the success of the Radiokop School. Janet Clarke, owner and Principal, having completed both her traditional training and her Montessori training, saw the vision to extend the Montessori method further and opened her second school, proving that the Montessori philosophy is still as valuable as it was in Montessori’s day, over 100 years ago. The Featherbrooke School, although slightly different in layout, follows the same Montessori curriculum as the first Radiokop School and continues with the vision and promise to educate the child at their pace. The Featherbrooke school allows for toddlers as well as pre-schoolers and has a dedicated and qualified staff complement. The environment works in specific areas of: Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language and Culture as well as emphasis on music and art. The child of this age has a need to understand their place in the world and it is through the integration of these curriculum areas that the child gains a holistic vision of their purpose. The main goals of the Montessori environment are to guide the child towards independence, self-discipline, ethics, respect and motivation.