The Cottage Montessori Pre Schools have two campuses: our Radiokop School was established in 1995 and our Featherbrooke Estate in 2008, these two schools welcome children from eighteen months to 6 years (Grade R). We also have a Pre School, Primary School and High School at our Ruimsig Montessori School Campus. All our schools follow the world renowned Montessori Curriculum and are full members of the South African Montessori Association. Our Ruimsig Campus is fully registered with the Gauteng Department of Education and the Cambridge Assesment International Education.

A Montessori Environment is not just a place of learning, it is a community of individuals interacting co-operatively, each being responsible for their own learning and to be accountable as a member of society. The children begin learning this from the moment they enter and continue to practice until the time they finally receive their certificates of secondary education in High School, these being IGCSE, AS & A levels.

Each environment enjoys a three year age group, enabling older children to integrate and apply what they have already learned as they inspire and teach the younger children, thus allowing our all important ‘Mentorship System’ to unfold. The younger child matures within the environment embarking on a journey of child-centred learning with the educator “following the child” according to their needs at each stage of development.

Our school’s ethos is one of “Nurture the Whole Child”. We believe as educators that children are intrinsically motivated and have an innate desire for learning, which in turn facilitates independent, capable students with no need for reward. Dr Maria Montessori, a doctor, pioneer and innovator, developed this method based on her in-depth analysis and observations made over 100 years ago. The numerous educational and neuro-science research reports of today constantly confirm the validity of her conclusions. Montessori educators are overwhelmed with a passion to guide each child at their own pace instilling a joy for knowledge and learning.