Our Radiokop School opened in 1995, setting the stage for the beginnings of the Cottage. Janet Clarke, our Executor Director has completed both her traditional training and her Montessori training, allowing her and her staff to provide for the needs of each and every individual child that enters the school. The Radiokop school is the original vision and remains the heart and soul of all the future schools opened since this time. It has a dedicated staff complement and allows for toddlers as well as pre-schoolers. The environment works in specific areas of: Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language and Culture as well as emphasis on music and art. The child of this age has a need to understand their place in the world and it is through the integration of these curriculum areas that the child gains a holistic vision of their purpose. The main goals of the Montessori environment are to guide the child towards independence, self-discipline, ethics, respect and motivation.


Full Day and Holiday Care
Our Radiokop and Featherbrooke Schools operate from 07h00 until 17h30. For those parents needing a half day or a specific time for collection these options are available too.